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Lost 2 Country Crooners Today (by MrWalkSoftly)

 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (54 / M-F / Louisiana)
9-Sep-17 3:11 am
Don Williams

""Country music singer Don Williams has passed away at 78 from a short illness, Fox News confirmed Friday.
Williams had 17 No. 1 hits before retiring in 2016. His mellow sound influenced a later generation of singers including Joe Nichols and Josh Turner.
Keith Urban has said Williams drew him to country music.
Williams was celebrated for his rich voice, gentle delivery and storytelling style. Still, he toured sparingly, did few media interviews and spent much of his time on his farm west of Nashville.
His hits included "I Believe in You," ''Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good," ''You're My Best Friend," ''Some Broken Hearts Never Mend," ''Till the Rivers All Run Dry" and "Back in My Younger Days." At least one duet with Emmylou Harris made the charts, "If I Needed You" in 1981.""

Troy Gentry

""Troy Gentry, best known as part of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry, was killed in a helicopter crash in New Jersey Friday, Fox News has confirmed.
The singer was 50.""



 Critter1211 (11)       (45 / F-MF / Tennessee)
9-Sep-17 3:48 am
Sad day in the country music world



 BigPapaRedneck (11)       (42 / M-F / Kansas)
9-Sep-17 7:09 am
Damn. I'd heard about Troy but not the gentle giant. Man, this sucks



 Roachvaliek (13)    (34 / M-F / North Carolina)
9-Sep-17 8:53 am
I use to listen to Don Williams with my Grandpa, when I was a little kid.
That sucks.
My taste in music has changed quite a bit since those days, but it's still good memories.



 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (54 / M-F / Louisiana)
9-Sep-17 3:59 pm
I had a cpl of Don's 45s when I was a kid...along with a ton of others. God I was a dumb ass for getting rid of all of them



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