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What do people think of my profile . (by mainegirl)

 DearJohn (6)       (59 / M-F / Arkansas)
5-Feb-16 8:04 pm
@DearJohn: lol only 500times lol :)
Yes only 500 times lol after all I've only had a week to view it.



 mainegirl (3)       (38 / F-MF / Maine)
5-Feb-16 9:36 pm
@DearJohn: lol ok I understand lol



 Abram (1)    (45 / M-F / Gambia)
5-Feb-16 9:55 pm
Hello you really fine with bald head



6-Feb-16 2:01 am
Its just what the world needs honest and straight forward a very good quality :)



 rulost2 (35)     (48 / M-F / Mississippi)
6-Feb-16 7:00 am
I thought your profile was honest and sincere and I like what you said about relationships and friendships should be based on trust and mutual trust. ' you hit that dead on ' and your profile pics were beautiful.



 mainegirl (3)       (38 / F-MF / Maine)
6-Feb-16 12:31 pm
@rulost2: ty very much I truly believe that.



 bussymoses (0)    (35 / M-F / Nigeria)
6-Feb-16 2:45 pm
@mainegirl pic and profile: to sincerely speak, u' re looking cool, good and ok. What entice one man in a lady may be different from another man. There is no ladies that is not pretty, you have your own beauty and your profile is a very straight forward indeed. Absolute okay. 100%



 mainegirl (3)       (38 / F-MF / Maine)
6-Feb-16 4:42 pm
@bussymoses: ty very well said



 Jon49jon (0)   (46 / M-F / Oklahoma)
28-Mar-17 12:40 am
Ty and why not be honest?



 rulost2 (35)     (48 / M-F / Mississippi)
29-Mar-17 7:53 pm
Ty and why not be honest?
Yeah being honest is the way to be....

Can you explain why your trying to get verified with two different people in your profile and verification pic's



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