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Little things (by donovan819)

 nikky1984 (6)    (39 / F-M / England)
5-Dec-13 11:35 am
I miss everything you all just said :( sorry having a down day x



5-Dec-13 11:38 am
A.www im sowwy hear have cup of coffee on me



 mainegirl (3)       (43 / F-MF / Maine)
16-Mar-16 3:18 pm
I miss having someone to cuddle, kiss and just b their to support each other. I miss waking up next to smeone who cares for me. Imiss someone to go out and do things we both enjoy.its hard cooking for one lol. I guess I miss being in love . Seeing this post I automatically thought of my wife and all the little we did for each other



Last edited by mainegirl; 16-Mar-16 3:19 pm.
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