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How long have you been single? (by Wonder93)

 IrishLove1988 (18)    (35 / F-M / New York)
9-Aug-12 3:44 am
8 months here! My ex and I were together for 3 years, and we were engaged. He cheated on me, and lied to me so many times I lost count. But I'm happily single now, and just enjoying life :)



9-Aug-12 3:46 am
@IrishLove1988: that's gotta hurt. Glad you're doing well now.



 IrishLove1988 (18)    (35 / F-M / New York)
9-Aug-12 5:00 am
@T3x4sb0y: Thanks :) Yes, it was dark for a little while, but eventually you just have to pick yourself up and push forward.



 boom (0)  (37 / M-F / Texas)
9-Aug-12 6:36 am
@bigd1993201111: Hey man i went through the same thing and knw what it feels like we were tgether 6 years and that **** just came first to her it took me the past 2 years to realize that



 mainegirl (3)       (43 / F-MF / Maine)
4-Mar-16 3:51 am
3years and getting a little tired of it l ol



4-Mar-16 11:04 pm
I shouldnt feel bad about being single my whole life then. I read yalls posts and it looks like it sucks when some breaks your heart



 mainegirl (3)       (43 / F-MF / Maine)
5-Mar-16 12:32 am
Its been 3yrs really bad relationship. Before that losing my wife



 spyder2389 (3)      (35 / M-F / Georgia)
5-Mar-16 11:58 am



 rulost2 (35)     (53 / M-F / Mississippi)
6-Mar-16 4:30 am
What year is this again ?????



 MikeN2014 (8)    (41 / M-F / New York)
6-Mar-16 11:37 pm
Way too long but I have an amazing gal in my life that makes me happier than I ever been



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