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Thank you.... (by LaDawn)

 Andres (104)   (Admin)
18-Dec-14 11:57 pm
Hi folks, you're all very welcomed and it is my pleasure. Regardless of how many users delete, while there are still folks using this site and I can continue to afford to keep it up, it will stay up. I enjoy running this site and still believe we have something good here that can change lives for the better in ways few sites can. We've just been very unlucky, first getting hit with GetJar's change of policy that no longer allowed mobile sites (which killed our growth), and now we're getting hit with Bango's change of policy that will no longer service mobile payments for small businesses such as ours starting in 2015.

Regarding the growth, I'm working on creating a very simple App to get back on GetJar, so that will hopefully get us growing faster again.

Regarding the payments, I will need to implement and integrate a new payment system, which will take some time. In the meantime, it won't be possible to purchase Cupid Credits or pay to upgrade to Premium. I may make the Premium version free for those who continue to refer others to the site so that the Premium version can still be used while providing yet another incentive for our members to help us grow.

Onwards and upwards!



 LaDawn (11)   (46 / F-M / Oklahoma)
19-Dec-14 1:56 am
@Andres: wld that be why Bango canceled my account? They sent me notice that payment cldn't be made but the money was in the same account I have used for quite sometime now. I LOVED premium and am very disappointed that I can no longer have it. Bango is such a pain. I am looking forward to a solution for payment options.



 Andres (104)   (Admin)
24-Dec-14 1:06 am
@Andres: wld that be why Bango canceled my account?
Most likely, yes.

Bango is such a pain.
Choosing them as our payment processor has been the #1 mistake I've made on this site since I launched it, so my apologies for that.

I LOVED premium
That's always great to hear!

I am looking forward to a solution for payment options.
I'll make sure to choose a much more reputable one this time!



 LaDawn (11)   (46 / F-M / Oklahoma)
24-Dec-14 2:29 am
@Andres: No apologies and learn. I'll watch for your solution. Merry Christmas!



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