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The Eclipse (by Zilya777)

8-Oct-14 10:55 am
God it was beautiful...

Who else in the Northern Hemisphere seen it ?



 conan1957 (7)    (63 / M-F / Georgia)
8-Oct-14 11:20 am
God it was beautiful...

Who else in the Northern Hemisphere seen it ?
i have been watching it sence it was cool. I allso sean a few crazzzys floting



8-Oct-14 11:35 am
@conan1957: I was afraid the rain wouldn't stop, & I would miss it. It looked like the sun was trying to eat the moon. The moon was definitely a different dark color than the sky. And quite obvious it was round.
Neighbors came out with me.:-)
It was worth sitting outside on a trash bag, to see it. :-)
I wish the first blood moon in April was visable here. Rained to much then.
Two more blood moons to go this year. Extremely rare events.
I didn't see any ' floaties' , but there were a lot of planes.., more than usuall. Very weird.



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 bullridinboy (3)   (33 / M-F / Indiana)
8-Oct-14 1:58 pm
I seen it too i live in the sticks so it was pretty visible



8-Oct-14 8:35 pm
@bullridinboy: Im so glad some of us did see it. I would of loved to have been far from this suburban area to see it. You probably had a much better view.(No traffic & street light glare, etc. )



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