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I think.. (by countrywomen92)

14-Apr-14 6:05 pm
I may have a little crush which not sure if its a good thing lol.



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (46 / M-F / Utah)
14-Apr-14 6:08 pm
@countrywomen92: that could be a good thing. hopefully it will blossom for ya



14-Apr-14 6:26 pm
@TheHBKbigred: with my luck I doubt it lol



14-Apr-14 7:16 pm
@countrywomen92: good for you enjoy it



14-Apr-14 7:31 pm
@hispeedrodeo: thanks I'll try lol :)



14-Apr-14 8:07 pm
Yay my crush likes me lol sorry bored lol



14-Apr-14 10:04 pm
Is he on Mmm?



14-Apr-14 10:08 pm



14-Apr-14 10:55 pm
Aww don't be shy! :) it's okay I'll leave you two alone...FOR NOW. JK



 susiesoup32 (-1)  (35 / F-M / New York)
4-Feb-22 7:31 am
I believe a man & woman are to walk side by side in life & so communication & honesty are VERY important. My man is a man of God & because of that reason alone I will not have to worry about him treating me badly or cheating on me. I in turn will be completely faithful to him & will support him during our lives together. I enjoy the little kisses stolen throughout the day, & the little smiles he gives me from across the room.



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