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What are cheap handy little gadgets you can buy cheap but work better than expensive devices (by Donnie1987)

27-Mar-14 6:21 pm
I m huge camping and hunting supply nut and I find lot of cheap stuff that works just as good if not better than real expensive equipment like a spotting scope for golf works perfect as range finder and only costs ten bucks



27-Mar-14 7:52 pm
Paper logs over electronic ones!!!!!



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (43 / M-F / Utah)
27-Mar-14 10:29 pm
@hispeedrodeo: What's the matter don't like a computer telling when to go and stop? Thank goodness I still run paper



 Amyt (19)   (28 / M-MF / India)
28-Mar-14 5:04 am
My earphones



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