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Not many english on here? (by ipb1977)

29-May-12 8:27 am
@Dempsey1: ?



 GaryR83 (5)   (39 / M-F / England)
31-May-12 12:57 am
Im here Lara91 lol Met a few english girls on here and a few have been proper mental or just wanting sex chat but on the other hand ive spoken with a couple of really nice ones you just gotta persevere :)



1-Jun-12 8:40 pm
@GaryR83: im honestly thinking about leaving now because all I seem to come across is wasters who are either here for friends or sex its getting boring now the good ones are either out of the UK or to judgemental on the way you look they want a skinny bird with a good smart personality its not guna happen. When a girl knows she looks good she turns her nose up a proper man but a proper woman like me is nothing to this so called proper men.



 ItsMariee (0)    (31 / F-M / England)
13-Jun-12 8:04 pm
I agree....... But message me for clean chats :)



 rachelle04 (1)    (37 / F-F / Texas)
13-Jun-12 8:09 pm
Hey wuz up everyone



3-Aug-12 9:25 pm
Ne1 fancy a chat?



 cassanova72 (0)    (50 / M-F / England)
3-Aug-12 9:42 pm
@gemolly1704: hi gem where u from



16-Jan-13 8:13 pm
@Joe344: what exactly would you say was mental Joe? Only I have been knoen to behave mentally?



 samsmith1987 (1)   (34 / F-M / England)
19-Mar-13 8:48 pm
Hi everyone :)



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