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Realty a sorry I have to go. I really found what I was looking for and is impressed with this awesome website. I hope that me and the person I met never forget about this wonderful. website. God bless the usa
-ladyknights (20/F/Aland Islands)


It toke time but am glad i stuck it out, found my soulmate & we are so happy, we have decided to get married real soon, ap we dont see the point in waiting as we both know what we want. I know there is someone out there for all of us, just stick in there & you will be lucky too.
-Lonlyheart (39/F/United Kingdom)


your site was great, but i have met someone and gonna see where it goes. i have enjoyed it. gotta give this a chance we have alot in common, and i owe it all to u guys. this is a great way to meet people, even if ur in different states thx for everything
-dfrank507 (40/F/Georgia)


It was great i met a really great guy! I wasnt sure how things were going to work out at first he lives in a different state but i went on vacation there it went great. I have decided to move there see where it goes. I love this site cause it easy to get to know someone on a emotional level before you meet!
-Kami23 (23/F/Tennessee)


I met the love of my life thanx to this site :). I appreciate everything this site has done for me. I hope everyone on here finds what theyre looking for. Yall take care and good luck in life. My gf is moving here fron tennessee thank u
-Colts2783 (28/M/Georgia)


hey guys thanks i found this site becoz of this site i met my bf now weve been together a year we decided to stop getting online to any dating sites im glad that i knew this site :) but sorry to tell u that this is my last thanks guys keep it up! bye"
-Smiley11 (27/F/United Kingdom)


u rock i found the guy and you made it so easy thank you for all you've done i don't know what else you want me to say. He's great, awesome, thanks he makes me feel like a natural woman and i'm just like WHOA
-hollytigre (21/F/Tennessee)


i met scottish man here we are planning to get married its been a year since we met here! we are dont looking for someone who gonna love us! we found what weve been looking through this site thank u guys! god bless
-happiness888 (58/F/Palestinian Territories)


I found the most amazing person in the whole world on this site. So glad I could find him. He is my prince charming, and I never would have found him without this amazing creation. I am so blessed that I ran into this site just fooling around on my android apps. Good luck to everyone else. It's so great!
-sunshinekisses77 (33/F/USA)



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