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I hooked up with someone. Dated for a while. And now am married. Such an amazing site. I wasn't too sure at first but this site turned out to be great
-jcountry (31/M/Tennessee) on February 15, 2015


Hii.. I have fiend my girl here..she is very much pretty and we love each other a lot....thank u soo much...I will never leave her and always love her...we are getting married u all...
-lover2708 (22/M/India) on January 30, 2015


Met a wonderful guy here. I am offline and headed to Colorado next week We are going to see where this goes. Thanks dating. mobi...........
-10pennies (54/F/Wyoming) on January 30, 2015


Met someone here and I don't need this site again. Thank you dating .mobi maybe one day I will be back but I have even joyed my time here.and maybe 1 day I will come back and I really don't know why I have to write this just to get out of this site.
-midge0070 (44/M/United Kingdom) on January 29, 2015


i met a really great guy on here no need to have this site in my life anymore we are moving in together and planning our future
-deesnooky (28/F/Pennsylvania) on January 29, 2015


Thanks datingmobile u were helpful in findin all kinds of matches 4 me. i met a lot of different people and made a lot of new friends here. me and my lady r workin on movin in 2gether and mayb married in a couple of years. thank u and this site works.
-Redneckdairyman (31/M/New York) on January 29, 2015


I never thought i would fall in love. Thanks to this site i did. He is the most wonderful man on the world and i hope to spend the rest of my life with him. Thank you Dating Mobi.
-LyliannaRose (24/F/Mississippi) on January 28, 2015


i met her on here she is a sweet woman we are planing to meet soon we are talking about being together forever ty i am going to move to be with her she is my soulmate
-morgan35 (34/M/Minnesota) on January 16, 2015


I met an amazing guy and hope it lasts forever <3 I can't wait to be with him he's my my world <3333 Hope everyone finds what they're looking for good luck :)
-lyssthompson23 (20/F/Montana) on January 13, 2015


This site helped me find the love if my life. I wouldn't trade her for the world. This site brought us together. She's everything I could've wanted and way way more.
-EricNigma (19/M/Connecticut) on January 13, 2015



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