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I found the most amazing man in the world we r now engaged to be married I love him so much it is really true love and were having a little boy together were so excited I love this site will recommend it to anyone
-babygirl18186 (20/F/USA)


I find what i was lookn for happy together and now starting a family together. She is tha love of my life and soon to b my wife! Id like to thank this site for help me find this wonderful someone.
-Justinntime (26/M/Arkansas)


i found the man of my dreams thank you so much for this site good luck to everyone else i really loved this site again thanks for helping me find the man of my dreams
-PlumpBeauty (21/F/Illinois)


i've met the most wonderful and perfect woman i could ever ask for. she's the best ever, god has really blessed me. i'm so thankful for this site because without it i'd never found my soulmate. she totally completes me in every way imaginable. i'd lost my faith in women but now i know there's still good women out there. so thankful for my boo and can't wait to get married:) thanks
-Dro69 (29/M/Georgia)


i found the love of my life here...hes wonderful...caring,loving and very full of life...he is everything i ask for and is happy with me and we will enjoy a long life hoping everyone else finds their mate here...i suggest it to everyone out there...
-libbyelle (39/F/Funville)


I met someone here and she's great she's coming to visit and maybe even move here. I'm so excited! Thankyou for this!. I appreciate the service and I love that it was free!
-kilroy406 (30/M/Montana)


i met someone im going to marry and have kids with. he is wonderful and loves me for who i am. he is a special man and im a lucky woman. im madly in love with him. an he is crazy in love with me. i cant wait for us to get married and have kids. he wants to be my husband an i want to be his wife forever.
-babylittle (30/F/Ghana)


Happy i met someone happy happy happy
-quietguy23 (26/M/United Kingdom)


i have met my new love and i am going to meet her sometime next week and bringing her back home with me to strat our new lives together and start making plans to get married
-hawk2013 (41/M/Canada)


I met a really great girl on here i am getting rid of my account so we can grow a relationship in the womb of commitment hope it ends only when the last breath is drawn.
-hero2708 (22/M/India)



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