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What's the male equivalent to flowers? (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (29 / M-F / Massachusetts)
26-Dec-22 7:30 am
What's the male equivalent to flowers?

As a woman, I've been bought flowers as gifts at random times. What would I get for a man as a similar token gift? Just curious!
Edit - Thank you everyone! While I won't be taking the advice of those who suggested a blow job (we aren't those kinds of friends!) I think I'm going to go for flowers and a cheesecake. I know he likes cheesecake and I make quite a nice one which, after reflection, only has gluten in the biscuit base, so I'll just get gf biscuits! And the flowers because, why not?! You have all been very helpful! Merry Xmas!




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