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Anyone knows of mobile apps for cheap if not free international text & call ... (by Rainbowbutterfly)

3-Sep-12 3:25 am
I once read a poster here claiming he is using mobile apps that is cheap and or even free international text and call but can't remember which thread was it :(. I use " pinger" but exclusive to iPod, iPad & iPhone only and not all of my contacts are using such ..

Any suggestion is highly appreciated :).

Thanks .



3-Sep-12 3:27 am
Text + its available on all mobile platforms for free.



3-Sep-12 3:27 am
There is also google voice



3-Sep-12 3:31 am
Text + its available on all mobile platforms for free.
Hi Packy .. call & text? Just making sure lol.

I used google voice before but they charged me . It ain't free at all :(



3-Sep-12 3:33 am
skype ate o kaya viber..



3-Sep-12 4:04 am
@anncleofaye1: Ayaw ko ng Skype Ann .. Ano yung viber parang skype din ?



3-Sep-12 4:23 am
@Rainbowbutterfly: use 'whatsapp' its entirely free n unlimited text.



3-Sep-12 4:54 am
@eprillevine5: Thanks for the suggestion :)



3-Sep-12 4:55 am
@Rainbowbutterfly: wc;) no probz



5-Sep-12 10:13 am
Kik Messenger, it's free and unlimited text... that's what I have (:



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