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Why are people proud of working 80+ hour weeks to survive? (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (26 / M-F / Massachusetts)
8-Apr-21 6:35 am
Why are people proud of working 80+ hour weeks to survive?

I ask this as someone who worked 70-90 hours every week for 4 years. I did it to survive and nothing more, it absolutely destroyed my mental health and made me genuinely despise a career I used to love and led to me making a complete career change. Now It seems like if you arent working that much or simply don't want to, people make you out to be lazy.
Edit: okay this post kinda took off but thanks for the award! To clarify some things I am not attacking people with a good work ethic. I myself do pride myself on my own and do believe in hard work. I'm more talking about the whole "I suffer, so should you" mentality of people. And the whole idea that you should in fact have to work this much just to get by. I understand this is apparently a very American way of thinking and is so engrained in how our society was built.
Edit 2: wow seriously thank you for all the awards. And again I do not mean this to offend anyone who wants to work alot. But needing to work that much to survive should be criminal.




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