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 datingarrangements (0)  (57 / M-F / Kenya)
7-Aug-20 8:01 pm
INTERNATIONAL DATING ARRANGEMENT AGENCY [Warning: Posting Phone Numbers is not allowed. Please follow the rules.].
We do secure and successful dating connection arrangements.
we do the below arrange;
1- sugardaddies - we connect women with sugardaddies, for mutual benefits, short-term or long-term. age bracket of sugardaddies is 35 and above.they provide cash,bills,rents,fee etc. age bracket of sugardaddies is 35 years and above
2 - sugarmummies - we connect men with sugarmummies seeking men for mutual benefit, short-term affairs, long-term affairs.they provide,cash,bill,rents,fee etc. age bracket of sugarmummies is 35 years and above
3 -



 michelle54432 (-1)  (42 / F-M / Louisiana)
16-Feb-21 8:46 am
My name is Michelle I'm new on here looking for a serious relationship that would lead to something more but friends first and see how it goes. I was married I lost my husband to cancer 5yrs ago but I have a 9yrs old son who is my everything. I like going to the park , movies, camping, listening to music, outdoors with friends and family



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