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My dentist put something inside my gums during my wisdom teeth removal. (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (25 / M-F / Massachusetts)
23-Mar-20 2:20 pm
My dentist put something inside my gums during my wisdom teeth removal.

Before the quarantine, I had scheduled to have my four impacted wisdom teeth removed. I met at my dentist?s office, whom I?ve been going to regularly for 6 years now. He owns a tiny practice in my town with another dentist, very family oriented. I was scheduled for an early surgery; my mom was going to drive me and pick me up as I was going to be put under with anesthesia. Sitting in the chair, I was pretty nervous. Myself and, well call him ?Doctor Barry? made some small talk before I went under. As my consciousness closed in from the anesthesia, Doctor Barry stood over me eclipsing the bright fluorescent lights of his office.
I awoke at some point, hours, minutes, it was hard to tell. But I awoke laying in a different room, with pictures of cats hanging from tree branches on the walls. My mouth was full of gauzes and my head felt heavy. Dr. Barry came in shortly after with his cheap used car salesmen smile and let me know the surgery was a success in eerily high pitched voice. Mom picked me up and was driving me back to my apartment where I was looking to be quarantined for an indefinite period of time now. My mouth ached with pain and the warm oozy feeling of blood saturated the gauzes which I would need to change regularly.
Dr. Barry said that pain was going to be normal, so three days went by where it ached constantly. Eating was a real challenge, I felt very helpless like a puppy out in a rainstorm. On the fourth day, I was changing the gauzes when I must have touched the bottom right side of my mouth as shooting pain rang in my mouth. I stumbled back and very carefully put the gauze back in. A few days after that, over a week now since the surgery, the pain seemed to be getting worse. I tried calling Dr. Barry but his office would go straight to voicemail, he must be on quarantine too.
At this point, I only needed a gauze on the bottom right section of my mouth which would not stop bleeding. The others had healed up fine with minimal pain. One night, I grabbed a tiny pen flashlight and inspected my mouth. I carefully stretched my mouth wide and assessed the area.
In the back section of my mouth, where the pain was coming from, a thin black string emerged from my gum. Was it a stitch I thought? Strange since Dr. Barry said they were all dissolvable and nothing would need to be taken out. I gently stuck my finger in and touched the tiny black string. In that moment, hot pain surged through my mouth radiating into my chest. I dropped the flashlight in the sink, feeling my head getting heavy. What the hell was that I thought? I reluctantly checked inside my mouth again and the black string was gone, I must be losing my mind, too much isolation has gotten to me.
While the pain surged on, my curiosity got the better of my and I checked again the next day. I looked inside with my pen light and there it was, a tiny black string seemingly emerging from my raw gum. This time I used a thin pair of tweezers. I cautiously angled it inside my mouth and grasped the string. I slowly pulled on the string, similar pain shooting into my body. Inch by inch this black string emerged from my gum till it was hanging out of my mouth, covered in a thin layer on viscous blood. I wretched at the taste and continued to pull. Soon the string was beginning to spool in the sink under me while I trudged on teary eyed. The searing pain was too much, I must have had about two feet worth of this thin black string in my sink. With it hanging out of my mouth, I carefully cut the base with a tiny cuticle scissor, struggling to process what the hell I was looking at. I frantically called Dr. Barry but to no avail. My searches online revealed nothing of importance, usually taking me to alien abduction blogs. As the quarantine is still going on, I?m getting scared that there is still more of that string inside me. The questions are still ringing in my head and the throbbing pain in my gum is at its worst.




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