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UPDATE: My (29F) ex boyfriend (32M) moved out with daughter (6F). I am devastated and don't know wha (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (26 / M-F / Massachusetts)
15-Nov-17 8:40 pm
UPDATE: My (29F) ex boyfriend (32M) moved out with daughter (6F). I am devastated and don't know what to do.

Original post here:
Hey guys - so I just wanted to update some of the people who commented and gave me some insight. All of your comments were really appreciated and definitely helped me think.
So for the last week my ex has been staying with family when hes not at work and we have been sharing time with Sarah. We met up this weekend to talk about everything and our life plan. He basically said that he does still love me, but that his schedule is just not something that can change for him anytime soon. I am trying to be understanding and supportive, because I do want to be with him and Sarah. We are going to look into counseling for us as a couple, and also family counseling for the three of us.
I did bring up legal adoption of Sarah. I was shocked when he said he was thinking of the same thing. He said that no matter what happens with us as a couple he always wants me to be a parental figure to Sarah. We had both hoped that someday I would adopt her, we just didn't see us breaking up or it becoming an issue. I am so glad we are on the same page about that. I am over the moon and were going to meet with a lawyer on Friday to get the ball rolling on that.
I am hoping that this relationship can be saved because I really do feel like I have a family with them. My number one priority throughout this has been Sarah, and I am cant even explain how happy I am that I will get to legally be her parent. I know I wont ever be her mother but I'm glad that we will be together no matter what.
Thanks! Sorry this is kind of all over the place. We're still figuring everything out, but I wanted to update!
tl;dr: We are going to start couples and family counseling, as well as beginning the process for legal adoption!




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