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Say it ain't so Boosie! (by MrWalkSoftly)

 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (55 / M-F / Louisiana)
7-Aug-17 4:51 pm
Rapper Boosie Badazz took to Instagram to wish his son, Tootie Raw, a happy 14th birthday and reveal his gifts to him which included....

" a bag of money and "a bad bitch to give u some head."

""Looks like it's going down for Boosie's son's birthday -- as in oral sex -- but the kid's only 14.

From the "God we hope this is just a VERY bad joke" department ... Boosie wished his son, Tootie Raw, a happy birthday and promised him a bag of money and "a bad bitch to give u some head."

Here's the thing -- even if it is a joke, it's a joke about child molestation, right?

In far less troubling news ... Boosie also promised Tootie's dropping a mixtape soon.""

But no a video in the above link, Boosie says he was only joking and added his son "could get his own head"

Oh Lawdy lol



 Critter1211 (11)       (46 / F-MF / Tennessee)
7-Aug-17 7:18 pm
Oh Lawdy is right lol



 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (55 / M-F / Louisiana)
7-Aug-17 7:22 pm
@Critter1211: I'm kinda confused....with a name like "Tootie Raw", I'd think he wouldn't wanna "bad bitch"



8-Aug-17 3:07 am
Well, it is Boosie, and we all know how classy he is.



 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (55 / M-F / Louisiana)
8-Aug-17 3:19 am
@semisweet: Has your tootie ever been raw? HahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahHahaha!



8-Aug-17 3:25 am
@semisweet: Has your tootie ever been raw? Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaha!




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