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Omg omg omg omg im bout in tears.... (by LeoRainsAverage)

26-Jul-12 4:31 am
Omg omg omg i think imma cry from happiness :,). ive been having troubles paying off my outstanding court fines which is holding me from getting dropped from probation come this middle of august and i mention this to my friend which i didnt expect them to pay for it but imma trade them my car for two payments of 500 and thier still gonna pay my court costs and when its all paid for we will discuss how imma pay them back im in a point of tears of joy. i dont know what i would do without friends like this....just so everyone dosent see me as a scammer i didnt meet them here ive been friends with them for over 10 years now and i have not asked one person for money, but i did ask for advice bout can someone hand me a tissue before my shirt is soaked



 brats52005 (52)    (53 / F-M / California)
26-Jul-12 4:34 am
Awe leo im glad god does work in mysterious way. Im glad they are helping you.



26-Jul-12 4:39 am
:') i know i feel giddy i dont know if ill be able to sleep. i feel i need to pray more often not for things i need but for others as well. i want to change my whole i even lost my breath for a second.....god be with us all.



26-Jul-12 4:39 am
Thats wonderful news!!!



26-Jul-12 4:41 am
I know :') i just cant contain myself i think my roomates are ****** cause im being loud im so happy



26-Jul-12 4:42 am
Here's a bundle of tissue and a basin

Great news to hear and yes agree with sissy that God works in mysterious ways ! ....



26-Jul-12 4:45 am
I love my friends so much :') i would be lost to a sea of sharks if it wasnt for them



 Sweethang (1)  (30 / F-M / Georgia)
26-Jul-12 4:59 am



26-Jul-12 5:17 am
Wat kind an caring mates u have dat is sooo bloddy Alsum, now dats wat u call TRU MATES 4 LIFE



 blacberri (0)    (65 / F-M / Indiana)
24-Aug-12 2:38 pm
God is good All the time:-)



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