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Sad (by mainegirl)

 mainegirl (3)       (39 / F-MF / Maine)
11-Feb-16 9:18 pm
Im really feeling sad missing my wife she passed in 2011 . I feel alot of guilt l ike I should have done more to help her. Its hard with Valentine's dayy on sunday and her b day on feb 20. Never really had the chance to grieve. We separated for a whilev notvour choice. Last time I saw her was 2003. She passed in 201o 6 months before. We were together 8 yrs 14 - 22.she was my first love. Sull remember our song
I will never b the same by melissa etheridge. How true that song was for us. I know shes in a better place but I still miss her.



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