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Independance Day (by woof)

15-Aug-15 5:31 pm
Happy independance day to all Indians through out the world. Cherish the legacy and positive vibes of our great country. Jai hind



 Amyt (19)   (31 / M-MF / India)
16-Aug-15 9:55 am
@woof: u 2 boy



21-Aug-15 4:33 pm
@Amyt: hi bro! Can u help me verify my pic?



 Amyt (19)   (31 / M-MF / India)
23-Aug-15 3:39 pm
@woof: not everyone have authority to verify pics



24-Aug-15 4:31 pm
@Amyt: kab se atka pada hai mera ye kaam :-(



 Amyt (19)   (31 / M-MF / India)
25-Aug-15 8:29 pm
@woof: ab pata ni kya ho gya h
Phle to khud ho jata tha



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