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Have u watched bibis speech? (by Joshwatter)

13-Apr-15 6:40 pm
Did u watch Israeli PM speach to the congress a while ago? if yea what was your thought about the Iranian deal?



13-Apr-15 7:01 pm
Did u watch Israeli PM speach to the
congress a while ago?
Caught the end of it. The man is a true leader who doesnt speak in circles.

if yea what was your
thought about the Iranian deal?
Ah yes....the deal to set parameters to reach a deal by June 30th.
Meanwhile, Russia agrees to sell missile defense systems to Iran.....

"" The Kremlin said President Vladimir
Putin signed a decree ending a self-
imposed ban on delivering the S-300
anti-missile rocket system to Iran,
removing a major irritant between the
two after Moscow canceled a
corresponding contract in 2010 under
pressure from the West.

The United States and Israel had
lobbied Russia to block the missile
sale before it did so in 2010, saying
the S-300 system could be used to
shield Iran's nuclear facilities from
possible future air strikes.""
Reuters article.

What a deal Barak! Why wld they need to protect their nuclear facilities now? Hmmm......



 Roachvaliek (13)    (34 / M-F / North Carolina)
14-Apr-15 11:59 am
I wonder if the israelis are up for a trade? Netanyahu is a leader I could really get behind.



14-Apr-15 12:36 pm
Btw.. the number of standing ovations during his speach: 28.. must mean something.. lol



14-Apr-15 3:01 pm
@Joshwatter: I have a question since youre Jewish. Why do the American Jewish always vote Democrat?
In 2012, they voted 69% for Obama
In 2008, it was 78% for Obama
Im preceeding presidential elections the percentages were 76, 79, 78, 80 and so forth and so on......all for Dems.
Any insight?

Heres a link, btw.



14-Apr-15 3:11 pm
Lol... im not sure if u mean the Orthodox jewish community or the conservatives and reform... my friends and i vote republican... but many non orthodox stick to the left and want peace (two state solution) in middle east and that wud only happen with a democrat... cuz NO republican wud repeat history mistakes and make a two state solution.. but i think most orthodox jews vote republican...
watever. idk! lol btw im orthodox..



14-Apr-15 3:23 pm
@Joshwatter: Ah yes.....I found this online and it supports what you say.....

"" Orthodox Jews, who represent no more
than 10% of the United States' Jewish
population, tend to make up the majority
of Republican Jews.""

And it goes into greater detail about how non-Orthodox Jews vote Dem. They are some REAL liberal voters lol



14-Apr-15 3:27 pm
@WalkSoftly: btw the reformed jews had a big part in comunism in stalins era...



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