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Never (by NzRacingQueen)

21-Aug-13 12:09 pm
Ever going to trust anyone from Oxford... Silly girl never learns and believes in bs from a a.shole who didnt or understands the word " Honesty " and packs a tantrim like a little kid.. Goodbye fellow mobians im done....



21-Aug-13 12:28 pm
Just saving the crew from drama cause i know if hes on here he will attack like hes good at doing .. So happy times :).. love too
Aunt Sammy :)
Chunkymonkey - You have kept the faith in me that there are good guys in England :)
Brites - Always so Brite no matter what hits ya on here :) .. Keep smiling girl :)
My brother from another mother James :)
Sissy Ann :)
Love yas mmmmmwha xox



21-Aug-13 12:32 pm
@NzRacingQueen: will miss you and hope life deals nothing but good hands,keep smiling my kiwi aussie bashing bud :(



21-Aug-13 12:49 pm
@NzRacingQueen: Damn.. I will miss you . Wishing you well. With sprinkels of joy. :)



21-Aug-13 1:25 pm
Aww sure hate to see this. we will miss you. Good luck to you girl



21-Aug-13 1:49 pm



21-Aug-13 3:04 pm
@NzRacingQueen: :'( my sis is gone :'( i never told you how beauiful you are, and i love you very much sis <3



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