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Smells good (by xSinneDx)

 xSinneDx (21)    (40 / M-F / Arizona)
24-Mar-13 7:49 pm
So im a guy but i love girl body washes..just found a new one its dial coconut water w bamboo leaf extract..smells amazing whats ur favorite scents



 MissNicoleDuckie (2)    (28 / F-M / Arkansas)
24-Mar-13 7:51 pm
@xSinneDx: I prefer coconut or shea butter type smells as well as lavender and cinnamon.



24-Mar-13 7:51 pm
@xSinneDx: i wear mens body spray Bod Black smells awesome..



24-Mar-13 7:51 pm
Lol thats cool-at least ya smell good:) I love the strawberry kiwi:)



24-Mar-13 7:55 pm
Lol thats cool-at least ya smell good:) I love the strawberry kiwi:)



24-Mar-13 7:57 pm
I use goats milk body wash in a scent called love



 xSinneDx (21)    (40 / M-F / Arizona)
24-Mar-13 7:58 pm
Yea i wear mens cologne an stuff but when it comes to soap u girls got the best stuff



24-Mar-13 8:03 pm
Axe excite i have the body wash the shampoo stick and spray deoderants i smell goooooood



 xSinneDx (21)    (40 / M-F / Arizona)
24-Mar-13 8:06 pm
I like axe dark temptation body spray smells a lil like chocolate



24-Mar-13 8:08 pm
I love ones that smell tropical. lol. currently I have a coconut smelling one.



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