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What's Your Zodiac Sign ?? (by tractorjohn)

8-May-12 7:30 pm
I do not know my sign. Being from Mars, we do not have Zodiac Signs. But let's just say today is My Birthday okay? I mean why not??? *** Up date Dang I should had chosen Christmas Day ***



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 IrishLove1988 (18)    (31 / F-M / New York)
8-May-12 7:44 pm
I'm a Leo, and damn proud of it :) I even have my symbol tattooed on my ankle



8-May-12 8:06 pm
Well im a virgo!!



 Xxxdonna1 (Banned)
8-May-12 8:47 pm



 Leanne (9)  (35 / F-F / Scotland)
8-May-12 9:19 pm



8-May-12 10:04 pm
And im the ever curious gemini. And love astrology and id marry it if my fiancee wouldnt get jealous. Lol



 brats52005 (52)    (49 / F-M / California)
8-May-12 10:16 pm



8-May-12 10:16 pm
@tractorjohn: happy birthday dear. :-) gemini here. :-)



8-May-12 10:19 pm
@tractorjohn: happy birthday dear. :-) gemini here. :-)
Thank you!!! I was beginning to think nobody reads the threads they comment on. Either that or they don't know today's date. LOL



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8-May-12 10:25 pm
@tractorjohn: Happy, happy Birthday John! More Birthdays to come :)

I'm Capricorn and just like the OP, I was born at home with the aid of a traditional quack doctor in the middle of the night while it was raining heavily :)



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