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And the rain starts (by lonemuse)

15-Dec-12 6:59 am
dont know why but everytime it rains and i sit listening to it i just want to cry... Makes me feel too alone listening to the rain by myself.



15-Dec-12 7:30 am



15-Dec-12 7:47 am
Ughh it just started raining here too wth? But I feel alone all the time



15-Dec-12 7:56 am
uhh hey lonemouse and brite! am gonna come over to ur house LOL



 LovelySummeRayne (7)   (28 / F-F / Louisiana)
15-Dec-12 8:56 am
O.o rain just stopped here. Wierd timing lol



17-Dec-12 7:11 am
@anncleofaye: your company is always welcome.



17-Dec-12 7:12 am
@LovelySummeRayne: that is some wierd timing. lol



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