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Still alive (by Wiccangoddess)

 Wiccangoddess (10)    (38 / F-M / New Jersey)
1-Nov-12 10:14 am
Well I'm still alive n have a house. No electric but gas n hot water for now. A lot of others weren't so lucky. Seaside is gone n most of the towns along the beaches. Whole houses got washed away. My mom's an emt n she said yesterday was a big day for attempted suicides. I just thank the goddess earth for holding me up high above the water n the wind god aolois for not knocking down a tree on my house.



1-Nov-12 10:28 am
Ya that was aa mess over here we got tha outside of tha storm... Tha rain and wind.. Not much really... Some power outages and tree limbs... Good thing ur ok tho



 paganpride (Banned)
1-Nov-12 10:32 am
One bizarre hurricane. Caused fires and a blizzard.



 Wiccangoddess (10)    (38 / F-M / New Jersey)
1-Nov-12 11:03 am
Oh yeah there were a lot of fires n most of the nj coast lost power. My gma lives right on the bay n the water was so high it busted her basement door in n flooded it 5ft. My bro lost all his heating n cooling equipment n my sis in law had her bridal shower gifts down there n a lot were worth a lot of $. But the got luck n r in tihity for their honey moon



 Mobifren (2)   (39 / F-MF / Philippines)
1-Nov-12 11:50 am
glad to hear .. keep safe always..



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