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I (20f) found lingerie under my boyfriend?s (22M) bed. We?ve been together for 2 years. (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (29 / M-F / Massachusetts)
20-Feb-24 10:30 am
I (20f) found lingerie under my boyfriend?s (22M) bed. We?ve been together for 2 years.

Pretty much was cleaning under his bed since it was pretty dirty and he was at work. We are long distance and I just saw him a month ago so I know what was under his bed before I left. This lingerie isn?t mine I know it isn?t. I?ve never seen it before.
This isn?t the first time I?ve found something in his room. There was a red glove in his drawer when I was cleaning the first time and he made it clear it was something from the past. This lingerie is also red. I wouldn?t be freaking out so bad but the fact is that he has talked to another women when we were long distance when we got into a fight and before I came we did fight. I don?t know what to think I can?t ask him anything about it for another 7 hours since he?s at work. Another thing is he has said that he hates when people go through his stuff but he didn?t mind at all when I cleaned for him last time.
I feel really sick to my stomach. I?m really upset and I really hope it isn?t what I think it is and I don?t know what to do. What should I do? What can I do? What should I ask?
Edit: The lingerie found was lacy, bedazzled fishnets that had no crotch. I?m pretty sure he doesn?t wear them. We live about ~2,000 apart from each other when we are long distance, I?m visiting to stay till July (it?s a one bedroom place) and we were talking about me moving to live with him permanently.
TL;DR Found another woman?s lingerie under my boyfriends bed, not sure what to do.




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