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This should be fun... (by sweetnspice)

 susiesoup32 (-1)  (35 / F-M / New York)
8-Feb-22 6:29 am
I think a good relationship takes more than just love...Like i say , I don't like arguing or yelling, that gets neither person anywhere.. !
Also i love to cook, and have been told I'm good at it.. how strong true love can be and Age is a Number but Love makes the strongest woman weak and the weakest heart strong and also Love gives you courage, being loved gives you strength.



 Jamie73 (0)  (51 / M-MF / Florida)
3-May-22 10:29 am
Been a great experience ever since i started using this dating site, but i am still patient to meet my soulmate yet. i am fully hopeful that someday i will meet someone special here in one of the forums. meeting new people are great experiences which may lead to something special and we can start a new and amazing life together.



 abott (0)  (28 / M-F / Wisconsin)
6-Feb-23 4:39 pm
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