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Guy I'm seeing may be lying about his age...19F, 34 M (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (26 / M-F / Massachusetts)
16-Oct-21 3:30 am
Guy I'm seeing may be lying about his age...19F, 34 M

I've been kind of dating a guy casually for 2 months. He said he was 24 but recently while we were out for dinner he pulled out his license instead of his debit cards and I saw 87 and not 97. Unless I'm blind I can almost swear it was 87 for his birth year.
When we first met he claimed he was 24. I noticed he looked older but he claimed it was his work (chemical engineering) that was giving him stress and aging him and giving him grays. I believed it but now I'm worried because he absolutely looks 34 and not close to 24. I tried to do some digging last night to see what his age online was but can't find anything.
Now I think about it. I'm almost certain he is 34. I myself am studying engineering, and the way he describes his role is almost like as a manager I think. And at 24 an engineer would most likely be entry level. I'm just so confused because I do sort of like his personality. But considering I turned 19, 2 months ago I'm not very comfortable anymore. We live in America for what it's worth.
Tl;Dr: guy I'm talking to claims he is 24 I think he is 34




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