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Changed my profile picture (by DearJohn)

 DearJohn (6)       (62 / M-F / Arkansas)
12-Sep-20 12:42 am
I changed my profile picture about a week ago and I'm still waiting to have it verified. Has anyone actually seen it yet?



 megsy89 (7)      (32 / F-MF / South Carolina)
12-Sep-20 5:51 am
Mine failed so I can't... lol



 DearJohn (6)       (62 / M-F / Arkansas)
12-Sep-20 9:25 am
Apparently there's not very many people who are eligible to verify pictures anymore. I just wanted a more recent photo of myself.



 DearJohn (6)       (62 / M-F / Arkansas)
14-Sep-20 4:35 pm
Thanks Andres, now I can start verifying profile pictures again.



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