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 Olalekanc2 (0)   (29 / M-F / Nigeria)
10-Nov-18 7:09 am
Hello I'm new here



 DearJohn (6)       (60 / M-F / Arkansas)
10-Nov-18 11:10 am
Why does your profile shows you are a male but your profile picture is a woman?



 RAJAKRISHNA (0)  (26 / M-F / Tamil Nadu)
26-Nov-18 4:55 pm
Supper i like it



 Loveky (0)   (33 / F-M / South Africa)
31-Jan-19 11:59 am
@DearJohn: mhhhh yes



 DearJohn (6)       (60 / M-F / Arkansas)
1-Feb-19 2:00 am

Happy Birthday



 bottompuka (0)  (22 / M-MF / Sri Lanka)
17-May-19 1:53 pm
Hiii. Sri Lanka kattiya Katha karanna MN bomttom boy kenek



 aamiray (0)  (21 / F-M / Senegal)
24-May-20 2:20 pm
Nice to meet you?
i have something important i want to share with you please i will like you to contact me through my email id at
[Warning: Posting E-mail Addresses is not allowed. Please follow the rules.]



 DearJohn (6)       (60 / M-F / Arkansas)
25-May-20 1:28 am
Feel free to say all secrets everyone is friends here



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