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T-Swizzle Wins A $1 (by MrWalkSoftly)

 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (55 / M-F / Louisiana)
15-Aug-17 4:01 pm
In all seriousness, it was. $10 million dollar lawsuit and the jury decided he only grabbed a $1's worth of ass
Is the judge saying she has no ass to grab?
Nah...I wasn't being all seriousness when I said I was lol. All she ever asked for was a "symbolic dollar". But her lack of ass made for a good joke hehe.

Btw, just saw the story on TV. Glad she sued for just the symbolic gesture....but she's on this no means no spiel and how sexual assault is wrong and how she'll be donating to help sexual assault victims fight back. Which is admirable, but.....Taylor, your weren't sexually assaulted. Some dbag thought he was being funny and grabbed your ass during a photo op. Don't go overboard with this shlt.



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