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Just a lil humor to start your week off right (by MrWalkSoftly)

 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (54 / M-F / Louisiana)
7-Aug-17 4:59 pm
So a "working girl" started her first night and was a bit nervous about it, but the other girls encouraged her and she went out for her first job. When she returned the others asked her how it went.*

She said "Well, first he asked me how much it would cost to get laid, and I told him $100. He said he didn't have that much money so he wanted to know the price of a handy. I told him that was only $10 and he agreed."*

"So I unzipped him and that was the biggest peen I've ever seen. I put one hand on the base, the other hand on top of it, and then the first hand on top of that and he was still poking out the other end."*

"So I loaned him $90".



 Singhpk (27)      (40 / M-MF / Uttar Pradesh)
7-Aug-17 6:45 pm



 Critter1211 (11)       (45 / F-MF / Tennessee)
7-Aug-17 7:13 pm



 megsy89 (6)      (30 / F-MF / South Carolina)
8-Aug-17 5:25 am
Lol oh lordy



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