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Dream interpreter Sammy! (by sweeterthejuic3)

1-May-14 4:40 pm
Think it means that if she dont find a man soon to knock the cob webs out that she will turn into the crazy cat lady lol.
I can keep the webs out myself; would be better if a man did it for me...but I don't want just any man.

And didn't you read the part about me hating cats? Lol



1-May-14 4:46 pm
@sweeterthejuic3: I just being my typical today but was funny



1-May-14 4:48 pm



1-May-14 5:00 pm
Mu.ff orgy or march is a no-go for me!! Lol



1-May-14 5:00 pm
@WalkSoftly: Lmao now thats some funny shi.t there.



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