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Sasuke got the rinnegan! (by polarbear71484)

 polarbear71484 (3)   (33 / M-F / Virginia)
16-Apr-14 10:34 pm
Words can't describe how hype I am right now. He has the Juubi's eye OMFG LETS Go!!!!



 stephen316 (Banned)
16-Apr-14 11:28 pm
Ok mate



 polarbear71484 (3)   (33 / M-F / Virginia)
16-Apr-14 11:32 pm
My dude Sasuke has the rinnegan bro get hype.



17-Apr-14 4:08 pm
Am i missing something??



 tat2d1976 (12)    (46 / M-F / North Carolina)
17-Apr-14 4:21 pm
Think its Chinese animation



 polarbear71484 (3)   (33 / M-F / Virginia)
18-Apr-14 2:58 pm
No -_- *facepalm* its japanese and it is manga not animation -_-. Seriously he has the Juubi's Eye and the same eye as the mother of the sage of six paths. Sasuke is gonna be so strong god dayum.



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