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Scams and shams (by Xbikerbmx)

9-Oct-13 2:43 am
Like lol l8er rotfmmgdlao stuff like that it separate language I swear:)



 charleneftmyers (Banned)
9-Oct-13 5:17 am
@Inurwetdreamz: no kidding



 charleneftmyers (Banned)
9-Oct-13 5:21 am
@donovan819: thanks for clairifying that guy she slow



 charleneftmyers (Banned)
9-Oct-13 5:24 am
@WalkSoftly1: **** you!!!



 charleneftmyers (Banned)
9-Oct-13 5:26 am
@WalkSoftly1: get a life!!!



9-Oct-13 1:06 pm
@donovan819: thanks for clairifying that guy she slow
I knew what it was...duhhhh. Enjoy your dunce sweetie :-)



 im1made4u (22)    (54 / F-M / California)
9-Oct-13 1:22 pm
@Briteeyes: She winked steve. I'm going enjoy her dunce



21-Jan-14 10:31 pm
You can not live on something for nothing pal it is a dead end street, get a job any job, then someone can give you something 4 work done dont know if this sounds logical to all you scams



 Promise233 (0)  (32 / M-F / Ghana)
9-May-23 4:59 pm
@Rheza: that's true dear there are a lot of scammers out here so we should all be conscious of our doings and dealings.and more over it's been too complicated to use this can't talk or have a conversation with someone else smoothly, any time do this do that before you are allowed to have a conversation with that fellow and it very very bad and this may Chase users away from this Noble website



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