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Nov 7, 2012 @ 7:08 pm
Testing out the new Premium Blog feature! (4798 views)
Looking pretty good!

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Yep so far so good Andres :) -(Deleted User) (8-Nov-12)

Can we chat -yetty83 (8-Jan-13)

Am new here -yetty83 (8-Jan-13)

Am a cul gai i do nt nid unsirios ones ok -Mni4love (16-Jan-13)

wat sup guy -easydizzy (19-Jan-13)

hi :) -Chixabelle (23-Jan-13)

Hello -osiaw (25-Jan-13)

wat up to all my love ones -soulja08 (28-Jan-13)

Am eric from ghana and a student trying to acquire a degree -Eric22 (28-Jan-13)

-shango77 (28-Jan-13)

wat is going on todae -shango77 (28-Jan-13)

Am a God fearing and responsible man -Olaoyenikan (7-Feb-13)

far so sweet -AamirKhan (7-Feb-13)

Hi,how b u fitness -Latif6160 (9-Feb-13)

i need serious dating and cool guy -likkybabe (10-Feb-13)

Hi friend hapy to meet u, how is everytin over thier? -Goldies (12-Feb-13)

I need a serious dating from califonia. cool headed girl and god caring girl, trustworthy and beautiful. -Goldies (12-Feb-13)

Thanks but i need a preety cool girl that will open mind with me. -Janet1000 (13-Feb-13)

hi. How r u? I want ur friendship. Everytime.take care -tasib86 (17-Feb-13)

where are you now -likkybabe (17-Feb-13)

This dating sight really keep me going, a day never past that i dont visit this sight -duval1960 (19-Feb-13)

I nid a cool white guy who knows how to love a woman. -Aliciamak (21-Feb-13)

tnx baby -promzy60 (27-Feb-13)

pls i wnt to get started i finding it difficult pls. -promzy60 (28-Feb-13)

I do nt know why -revalee27 (8-Mar-13)

xup___gee? -yoomyth (21-Mar-13)

xup___gee? -yoomyth (21-Mar-13)

Hello My name is Joy, i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my -joybaby6 (21-Mar-13)

hi, nice to meet you -chiballo (23-Mar-13)

Have u got my pic i sent in? if not im deleting.ive sent 3 in. -(Deleted User) (24-Mar-13)

any body there to hit my inbox? -Francais87 (26-Mar-13)

Thank you. I see you are in Ca usef to live in Newport Beach. -lovebug67 (2-Apr-13)

Hellooooo -Meso (8-Apr-13)

.. -daleedwards (18-Apr-13)

hi im new here and i am on my psp trying to upgrade new feature but can't what should i do? -daleedwards (18-Apr-13)

Hey guy's am Tessica -TessicaAKA155 (23-Apr-13)

We gotta be careful b'cos we have fake people here -Pearldrina (5-Dec-13)

hi -Sara71 (12-Mar-22)

Great -Akimxl123 (20-Jun-23)

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