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1. dreamerwolf (0)   (35 / M-F / Romania)
1-Oct-12 3:43 pm
the site is realy ok i guess a shoutbox would be useful(my thought)



2. Thelonewolf (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 3:47 pm
Whats a shoutbox?



3. anncleofaye (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 3:51 pm
whatcha mean by shoutbox?



4. Epril (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 3:54 pm
same here! Watz a shoutbox? Like that in scooby-doo, where he shouts in a box when he is room. And then release the voice outside the room.



5. anncleofaye (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 4:06 pm
wahahaha! come on dreamerwolf answer us. were waiting



6. dreamerwolf (0)   (35 / M-F / Romania)
1-Oct-12 4:50 pm
oh boy...a shoutbox or shout is when you share a thought or idea or whatever is on your mind the text appears on the top of the startpage so every user can see it.



7. anncleofaye (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 5:00 pm
oh ya i see



8. lovablesweetyy (6)   (28 / M-F / California)
1-Oct-12 7:02 pm
@dreamerwolf: I have a website and i got that on my forum... but this site doesn't need that as the new forum thread message appears in all users home screen... just the best than the shoutbox....



9. Briteeyes1211 (Deleted)
1-Oct-12 8:10 pm
I think on the upcoming new version we will have a "status" bar like on fb if that is anything like u r talking about



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